Our Distillery

At Taylor Garrett, we believe there is an art to crafting a classic spirit.  We control every step of the process, including carefully selecting the grains, yeast and water, personally toasting and charring the wood used in our proprietary, all-natural aging method. We make several cuts to ensure only the finest raw whiskey makes it into the aging vessel.

Taylor Garrett Whiskey is proudly distilled and aged with our award-winning partners, Vara Winery and Distillery in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Vara offers an outstanding selection of Spanish and New Mexican-inspired wines and spirits, including their exclusive Viña Cardinal, an exquisite aperitif crafted from descendants of the first grapes introduced to the New World.

“At Vara we have great respect for the desire, dedication, and skill of artisans responsible for the innovation and elevation of quality standards for fine products,” says Doug Diefenthaler, VARA owner and COO/ExecVP. “Taylor Garrett is a prime example of this commitment, expertise, and passion for excellence. We are proud of our collaboration with Taylor Garrett and the mission of accelerating tradition to deliver exceptional whiskey.”