Our Whiskey

Artisanally distilled from a bourbon mash of corn, rye and malted barley, Taylor Garrett Whiskey has been matured using our proprietary oak aging process. The result is an uncommonly smooth spirit showing the strong notes of vanilla, caramel and a spicy rye finish you’ve come to expect from a traditionally aged spirit.

“I started Taylor Garrett because I love the idea of providing a quality, hand-crafted spirit that people can enjoy. As many of my favorite whiskeys have become harder to find and much more expensive, I thought there had to be a better way.” 

“Traditional aging means that distillers have to wait years to get their carefully crafted spirits into the hands of the people that enjoy them,” says Scott Feuille, Founder and Distiller. “This is expensive and can be very frustrating for new distillers, often leading them to bottle someone else’s product while waiting for their own to mature. With our breakthrough technology, Taylor Garrett can get our high-quality, artisanally-crafted spirits where they belong — in the glasses of whiskey lovers — without having to wait for it to sit around in a barrel for years.”