It’s Taylor Garrett Time

Accelerating Tradition

Innovators pushing the boundaries of traditional whiskey

Our whiskey is aged using a sustainable, all-natural accelerated process unlike traditional whiskeys that take years to reach maturity in oak barrels. The result rivals even the best aged whiskey flavor profiles.

Traditionally Distilled. Innovatively Aged.


Our award-winning Taylor Garrett small-batch whiskeys are hand crafted, grain to bottle, and exhibit complex flavors and exceptional smoothness that rival even the best conventionally aged whiskeys. We are
Traditionally Distilled. Innovatively Aged.


Our breakthrough, all-natural aging technique matures our whiskey the equivalent of several years in just days with no added chemicals, colors or flavoring and uses a quarter of the wood consumed by traditional barrels. Natural. Sustainable. Complex. Delicious.

Our Values

Innovation, integrity and quality are at the heart of everything we do. We are a veteran-owned company located in Albuquerque, New Mexico, founded by a pilot and patriot who dares to see life from a different perspective. We invite you to enjoy the ride.

The Taylor Garrett Story


Taylor Garrett Founder

Taylor Garrett is about experiencing everything that well-aged, premium whiskey has to offer – the nose, the body, the flavors, the smoothness – without the wait.

What they’re saying.


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