Spirit of Innovation

Taylor Garrett whiskey is the culmination of an aviator’s vision to produce a unique spirit using breakthrough aging technology while honoring the quality and attention to detail of the great Master Distillers.

We are a veteran-owned company located in Albuquerque, New Mexico, founded by Scott Feuille, a retired Naval Aviator and commercial airline pilot. Having traveled the globe and tasted some of the finest spirits the world has to offer, he’s always been fascinated by the skill and traditions of the Great American Distiller.  With a passion for distilling and in pursuit of the perfect timeless spirit, Scott began his quest to craft the best tasting, no-nonsense whiskey on the market today.  

As an aviator, Scott sees the world from a different perspective.  As a distiller, his attention to detail and a strong technical background have allowed him to create an innovative aging process that marries the traditions of the past to the wonders of science, creating a magical spirit. 

Family is important to Scott and he wants that to be reflected in everything he does. Taylor+Garrett are the names of his two young children.