Our innovative and proprietary accelerated aging process uses breakthrough technology that delivers exceptional flavor and smoothness, but none of that can happen without a finely crafted base spirit.


At Taylor Garrett, we believe there is an art to crafting a classic spirit.  We control every step of the process by carefully selecting the grains, yeast and water that go into our custom designed fermenters, and pay careful attention to the cuts made during distillation in our hybrid Hoga Alembic/Column still. To ensure consistent results, we mill, toast and char the American white oak used in our proprietary aging process and make sure only the finest raw whiskey makes it into the aging vessel.

Taylor Garrett Whiskey is proudly distilled and aged with our award-winning partners, Vara Winery and Distillery in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

our sustainable process.

We are innovators pushing the boundaries of traditional whiskey.

Our breakthrough, all-natural aging technique matures whiskey the equivalent of several years in just days. Using no added chemicals or flavorings, our wholly physical process requires less than a quarter of the wood consumed by traditional barrels. We custom mill, toast and char the staves used in our process, and expose the raw spirit to oak in the same ratio as a standard whiskey barrel, all without the barrel. We are accelerating tradition.

Traditionally distilled. Innovatively aged.

“Traditional aging means that distillers have to wait years to get their carefully crafted spirits into the hands of the people that enjoy them,” says Scott Feuille, Founder and Distiller. “This is expensive and can be very frustrating for new distillers, often leading them to bottle someone else’s product while waiting for their own to mature.

With our breakthrough technology, Taylor Garrett can get our high-quality, artisanally-crafted spirits where they belong — in the glasses of whiskey lovers — without having to wait for it to sit around in a barrel for years.”